Command-line Cygwin package manager that actually works

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A Cygwin command line package manager.

Like apt-get, cyg-apt allows you to install and remove packages on the Cygwin command line, and provides other package management functions.

This project is a fork of with extensive improvements and lots of bugfixes by @alquerci, @nylen, and others.


  • cygwin 1.7+
  • gnupg 1.4+
  • python 2.6+, <3.0
  • python-argparse 1.2+
  • xz (should be installed with Cygwin by default)

Build requirements

  • make 3.80+
  • git 1.7+

Install instructions

Briefly the following commands should build, test and install this package.

$ make
$ make test
$ make install

See the file for more detailed instructions.


cyg-apt is similar to apt-get. You can use it to install and remove packages (and more) from the Cygwin command prompt:

$ cyg-apt install gdb
$ gdb
$ cyg-apt remove gdb

Type cyg-apt --help or man cyg-apt to see all commands and options:

Usage: cyg-apt [OPTION]... COMMAND [PACKAGE]...

    setup    : create cyg-apt configuration file, it overwrite with -f option
    update   : fetch current package database from mirror
    ball     : print tarball name
    download : download package (only, do not install)
    filelist : list files installed by given packages
    find     : find package containing file
    help     : this help message
    install  : download and install packages with dependencies
    list     : list installed packages
    md5      : check md5 sum of cached package against database
    missing  : print missing dependencies for package
    new      : list new (upgradable) packages in distribution
    purge    : uninstall packages and delete from cache
    remove   : uninstall packages
    requires : print requires: for package
    search   : search all package descriptions for string
    show     : print package description
    source   : download source package
    upgrade  : all installed packages
    url      : print tarball url
    version  : print installed version

    -d, --download       download only
    -h, --help           show brief usage
    -m, --mirror=URL     use mirror
    -t, --dist=NAME      set dist name (curr, test, prev)
    -x, --no-deps        ignore dependencies
    -s, --regexp         search as regex pattern
    -f, --nobarred       add/remove packages cyg-apt depends on
    -X, --no-verify      do not verify setup.ini signatures
    -y, --nopostinstall  do not run postinstall scripts
    -z, --nopostremove   do not run preremove/postremove scripts
    -q, --quiet          loggable output - no progress indicator


Cyg-apt is an open source, community-driven project. All code contributions - including those of people having commit access - must go through a pull request and be approved by a core developer before being merged. This is to ensure proper review of all the code.

If you would like to help, take a look at the list of issues.

See the file for more detailed instructions.


The original cyg-apt was written by Jan Nieuwenhuizen

For a list of authors, please see the AUTHORS files.